theOTHERgreen is one of infinityThebes’ alternate blogs. Cannabis and its many derivatives are so dope, we want to talk about them. But we can’t miss talking about the health aspects of cannabis. We share information and personal takes on fitness, obtaining optimum mental health, alternative medicine and eating well, including using cannabis and the many OTHER healthy greens to tip the balance towards a better life. What OTHER greens do you use? Strike up a convo with our writers to let us know.


Ellie (Site Writer, Graduate Student)

IG: ellie_etchs | email:

“I am a graduate student taking a year off to concentrate on my emotional and physical well-being. Health always comes first. I follow the Paleo diet but have once been a strict vegan and understand that at the core, lifestyle diets have similar rules and the same end goal. “

Diane (Site Writer, HR Professional)

Twitter: _DiCato | IG: _catoism | email:

“I am not an artist though people often ask me if I’ve been in a movie or sing. I am a holistic creative- who has a love for music, style, wellness, metaphysics, psychology and the arts… a lot of love because life has so many things to be in love with 🙂 “

Khnum (admin):

Khnum is the force behind Serving as admin and editor, Khnum maintains the site, manages engagement and content, prepares articles for post and regularly posts an article.


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